• Brahma in Thailand: Buddhists Worshipping a Hindu God?
  • River Goddesses, River Linking: From Sacred to Transferable Waters
  • Gandhi’s Weapons of Truth and Non-Violence: The Power of Sung-Prayers and Ritual
  • An Evening of Hindustani Music
  • An Andal Evening: An Evening of Music, Classical Dance, and Discussion
  • Scroll paintings and Bardic Poetry in Bengal
  • Hinduism and Hindustani Music
  • Reframing the Erotic: Literary Change in Hindi, 1900-1930
  • To the Divine through Beauty
  • Carnatic Music Concert


  • Kathak (North India) Classical Dance Performance by Uma Dogra
  • Bharata Natyam
  • Spirituality and Well-being: Hindu Perspectives
  • The Psychology of Meditation
  • A Hindu Tradition in America: Perspectives on ISKCON
  • Water, Art and Architecture in Indonesia
  • Nrityagram Dance Ensemble
  • Kuchipudi Workshop on “Dance and Embodied Knowledge”
  • Lecture Demonstration in Kuchipudi dance
  • River of Love in An Age of Pollution: The Yamuna River of Northern India


  • ‘Throw Me Some Beads, Krishna:’ Observations on Evolving Hindu traditions in New Orleans
  • Love, Logic, and the twin concepts of positive and negative concordance
  • Stories from Telugu Friends on Being Hindu
  • Sitar Performance by Nishat Khan
  • Indian Music: A Lecture
  • The Treatise of Dance (Natya Sastra) and the Erotic (Sringara) tradition in Hinduism
  • An Exhibition of Paintings by Vasant Agashe’, Artist, Indore, India